XF 1.1 Request: upload limits


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Our community heavily relies on add-on files (mods) that can be downloaded. On our old vbulletin board we always used the DownloadsII mod by RSJelle.

We migrated to XF basically for two reasons:
1) speedy forums, well coded
2) the announced resource manager

The latter seems not to be made available for customers I now read which means that we are screwed if there is no other alternative on the way to host files within xenforo.

However I can imagine that we are going to abuse the attachments for mods, but I dont want to raise the filesize limit on all forums, that will become a mess eventually. We need a centralized area.

Can I request an option to have a filesize limit on each forums so we can assign specific forums to become download areas? Or does anybody have an alternative to host files (paid or unpaid)?