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Add-on Request: Simple Forms Extension


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eLo fello xenForo users,

Yesterday I ended up buying Simple Forms a great addon I havnt regreted buying, however I have already discovered that I need a bit "more".

Incase you aren't that familiar with "simple forms" It is a tool you can use to create forms like, checkboxes, drop-down menus, text boxes and what not, and after that it can show the users results in a thread or post, even email the information to you. What I want is using the entire "Simple Forms" tools as a form for users to vote on certain things and then have it plugged into a diagram to show the results.

Another website that has done something similar to what I want is this example right here: Bisnation.net Ghetto Q List I kinda want the same functionality, but more "stylish"

I have been in a dialogue with the create of simple forms and he mentioned I could seek a custom developer to create some diagrams and what not.

You will be able to ind more information about simple forms on their wiki Wiki - Simple Forms - LiquidPro Wiki

This job will ofc be payed, if there is other addons out there that already can do this, please let me know.

Feel free to add me on skype or send me a PM
Skype: Snaske2

Best regards Shamatix
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