Request regarding "Friendly URLs" entry in Help Manual


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Well, while setting up my own test installation, I came across the "Friendly URL's" option in two places...under Basic Board Information as well as Search Engine Optimization. The explanatory text given along with the option is as follows:

If you enable this option, the links generated by the system will not include "index.php?". However, to enable this, mod_rewrite must be available and an appropriate .htaccess file must be in place.​

Which I think is absolutely fine. I think it could be made perhaps even better if something like "For configurations across various web server setups (II7, Apache etc.), refer to the XenForo manual."

I say so because I tried enabling the Friendly URL option, but in vain since I had to put a web.config file on my server, and only came to realize that when I myself checked the manual where it was all explained so nicely and in detail. Perhaps a link given right there would save some time.

Just a suggestion. :)