Reprted items

Is there any way to edit who sees reported posts? We have a team of "super" mods who should see them all but there are individual forum mods that mod local club type forums that don't need to see them.

Example: Someone reports a thread within on of those forums where a local club member is a mod and they see the reported posts. All they really do it stick and unstick threads. They have no real mod permissions and don't need to see reported threads.

Thank you @Brogan for your response. The problem is that I only need them to be able to stick/unstick in a specific club forum not over the entire forum.
I apologize @Brogan but can you show me specifically how to do this? I really am trying to learn all this and I LOVE XF. It's superior to an other software.


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Load the node list and click the Permissions link over on the right for the node.

Then enter the member's name in the User Name field at the top right and click the [Set Permissions] button.