Duplicate Reports


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The idea behind reports (as i have heard) is to work with them one by one and set a status then like "resolved, refused".
But there is no moderation for some or all reports in the list of reports. Probably the most people have less reports, maybe not.

I have many reports because of people who cant register for some reasons and use a second account to finish their registration.
Every day i have to click

on reports to see the list
left click to open the report
left click to open the content
work on content
click the report

start from list again.

And i really hate it!
If i dont do that concentrated in just this way, i find myself back to the list, forgotten to do something with the reports itself.
Then i start again, instead of clicking "mark all", delete, finish.

Maybe there is any addon for this?
Maybe we will have some checkboxes some day in future?

The argument i have heard: "No, Sir, we want you to see and care for any single report!"
is weak. In my (maybe special case), i could save here some thousand clicks in a yerar.
And the most thing i hate in my job is the need of clicks, especially when they could be reduced by small changes.
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