XF 2.2 Reports management

the report system for Moderators are too slow/articulated for all traffic that we have in our forum.

  1. First you have to click on Reports (up in the mod bar)
  2. Then you have to click on one reported content for seeing what is it becouse you have just a list with a "titles"
  3. Then you have to click on view content for using the Mod tool (move, delete, merge etc..)
  4. Here you can really mod the content, so, select the post or posts, and then using the mod bar.
  5. Then you have to TURN BACK TO point 3 and chose Don't Modi/Assign/Fix/Rejected and chose if notify or not the user for closing finally the report.
We have very very much reports and using this method is pretty slow. Are not there a way to use the Mod tool directly in the Report page? like Move post/delete post directly from the report page?


Tracy Perry

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Have you checked out this addon?


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Or you could just change it so reports go into a forum instead the report section. Putting the reports into a thread is so much easier and other things.
Yeah i see that but, this meaning that we'll have hundred of new threads per day. Don't sems the best way. A "Report System" with a basic management will be fine.
I'm trying to read that addon above... but not sems that simplify something. it have many other features and connection with Warnings system.

I think that its fine if moderating tool (move, delete, merge etc..) will be visibile directly in the report message system. Instead of need of jump to the source of the content and moderating there.
Have you checked out this addon?
I read this tool info... but do not understand if improve the toll as we need.
i searching something that let me or moderator "moderating" the report from the first page may with a checkbox and simple actions... something like this.
Immagine 2022-12-09 084324.png
If specific questions about that add-on, ask in the dedicated discussion thread for it.
nope. is a question about Xenforo.
I think that this is a very basic function for all moderators.
i spent a few hours to check all those reports and entering one by one for mark them as ok/checked or whatever is the definition for fixed in english.

With a checkbox outside the single report, in the report list view, this thing will be much better.
so if your team of moderators can recognize the content without fully opening the report maybe this add-on could help you: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/auto-resolve-reports.7110/ it will automatically delete reports after a certain number of days (set it to 1 day for example)... 35$ may seem excessive but it gives you access to nearly 400 additional add-ons.

Otherwise, hope that your suggestions will one day be heard.
already see it. But is not the right solution. Over +1bln discussions, many reports are miss ever by me and moderators. They are not a robot.
What is needed is just a in-line-moderation tool in the report section.
Another solution could be that, we use that in vbulletin:
  • no report management page (this xenforo report page, i find it very unconfortable for many many reports is not the right tool...sorry)
  • just e-mail notification with single report inside (this was the better tool for help moderators in report messages)