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Report webpages whitout license?

Hi i wonder where can i report a webpage whitout license? And if i do does xenforo make hes webpage close down when hes not having i license?


In the footer > contact us > just open a ticket, they will take care of it internally.


No, they don't have a backdoor, like the pirated versions. Nor do they have a red button to press to remote close a site - it doesn't exist.

Yes, they have the law on their site and a law firm potentially to help them fight pirated instances.
Depending on laws of the country / hosting situation , etc .. they can take very successful action against idiots that don't respect software authors (but yet decide it's worth to use it).


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50% of the time, xenForo can contact the host and ask them to take it down, which they will do if the software isn't ...ya know... legit.