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I would like to put the options so that it is a only-reply forum for normal users. It is an announcements board so only admins should be able to post in there.

Previously I have always just put different permissions on every single rank, but that takes very long to do if you have a lot of ranks.

How can I do this easy? So 1-2 groups can post, and the rest of the groups can only reply. I have never fully understood the permissions system.

Please do not simply refer to the (group) permissions pages, I have read them completely.

Thank you!

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Brogan is correct and it should be easy if you have set the permissions correctly, ie do not give a complete set of permissions for each group.

So everyone is in registered as primary group, and all other groups added as secondary (not replace the primary)

You give the registered group all the basic forum permissions you want, then other groups are added to users as secondary groups and within the permissions, only the allowances or revokes that are different to registered group are ticked as necessary.
Alright, thanks.

What permissions should I give new groups then? Because a lot of options at the usergroups are set to "Not Set". But what if I would be to create a group in between Mod and Admin and want to give it multiple more permissions as Mod has?

For example Mod and Admin both have 'Forum Moderator Permissions' set no Not Set (no). Yet they have acces to a lot of these functions (deleting, moving, locking topics). When they do not have these permissions set?

I have the default groups. New, fresh XenForo installation.
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Set the Registered group to the base permissions you want every user to have.

Then build on those with other groups.
Okay, I put registered to revoke on post new thread. Then I got admin and webdev.
Admin = 950 priority
WebDev = 1000 priority

When I give admin allow to post new thread, webdev isn't able to post a new thread.
Shouldn't webdev inherit from admin to allow post new thread?
Priority value effects what order the user group banner is displayed in.

If you want to also allow webdevs to create a new thread in the announcements section, you either need to:
1) give webdev "post new thread" permissions for that section
2) make sure every webdev is also in the admin group.

If you want the webdev group to inherit all permissions from the admin group across the whole board (plus whatever additional permissions webdevs have), then I suggest you do the second option.

Hope that helps.

Edit: These threads may be helpful:

Mr Lucky

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Please do not simply refer to the (group) permissions pages, I have read them completely.
I think you do have the wrong idea about permissions. The page in the manual is maybe not as clear as it could be, but somewhere there is a resource or thread that explains it all in more detail with, I think, some practical examples. I'll try to find it, or meanwhile (I'm sure) someone else will point it out.

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I found the best way to really understand permissions was to play with the analyse permission s feature. You get to see exactly any user can and can't do something based on all their usergroups.