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Replace xenForo Share Functions With AddThis Smart Layers [Deleted]

Brent W

Well-known member
BamaStangGuy submitted a new resource:

Replace xenForo Share Functions With AddThis Smart Layers - Increase social sharing with AddThis Smart Layer share buttons

The default xenForo share features are hidden for the most part. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the thread to see them or look in the sidebar on the home page.

AddThis recently came out with something called Smart Layer that makes sharing icons more visible and at the same time supports responsive layouts.

To add AddThis Smart Layer to your forum you first need to create a AddThis account at http://www.addthis.com/

Once your account is created you will click the...
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Brent W

Well-known member
Left bar on desktop should also have minimize button, Does Addthis have that option?
It does. Hover over it on http://www.v6mustang.com/ and at the bottom you will see an arrow pointing left. However, it does not save your preference across pages which is why I implemented the preference option in xenForo.

I will talk to AddThis tomorrow about cooking the option for the closing of it.