Replace one addiction with another?


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Well wouldn't it be better to address the addiction if it's affecting you in a bad way?

Usually helps to have a professional that knows how to tackle these things.

I know some people at church that attend groups there for people struggling with alcohol addiction and a lot of people I know run marathons as it takes a lot of effort to overcome addiction and they say it helps them keep their mind strong. I would run long distance too more for handling the amount of mental stress and load I go through but just don't over do it as your joints and heart can get damaged over time. Those expensive running shoes is a good investment in this case.

I remember watching this video from David Goggins who overcame shame and depression given that he had a messed up childhood. The guy ended up losing like 100 pounds or something in 3 months to try out for Navy SEAL and became this endurance juggernaut and huge inspiration for other people, including me. Just a warning he's on the extreme but it helps to shoot for the stars if you're trying to overcome big things.

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Of course! Easier said than done though for most people.
Well, honestly, I think it's hard for everyone that goes through it.
That's on top of other battles in life that never stops.

Only thing that worked for me personally is to first build the foundation of having a strong ass mind and then doing the little things that helps to supplement that. I think goggins tackles that well where he points out that there will always be a reason to fail if one depends on something other than their own strength. Like if you depend on a group, what if that group lets you down? You know, something like that.

Being past my 20's now, it was one hell of a ride and life's been a constant uphill, and it still is now. Thankfully, like most people, I've grown more self-sufficient at this stage (job, social life, life experience, etc...).

For those of you struggling out there, keep your head up bros! (And sisters).
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Any substance or habit can very simply become the source of an addition. This is so because people who are addicted crave the satisfaction of an emotional desire, not a physical substance.


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Of course! Easier said than done though for most people.

When your world sucks, change your world. Everything.

I moved away in order to remove all triggers for smoking (cigarettes), drinking, partying nonstop, eating junk-food, wasting time with unhealthy people, friends that like to party, away from bars and nightclubs close by. I quit it all from one day to another. It only works when you remove any and all triggers simultaneously.