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I've noticed myself occasionally automatically using the emoji from the built in iOS keyboard to post, I do this automatically out of habit and speed from texting.

Seeing as more and more users are posting via mobile it would be a neat feature if the smileys in the ACP could be mapped to various common emoji. If the posts is then submitted using emoji it can be parsed directly into a forum specific smiley so that it displays correctly and in keeping with the style of that specific forum.

I'm not sure if that's possible, but I think it would be kind of neat and improve the user experience by be being able to post smileys direct from the keyboard native to whatever device is being used.


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What happens with these in XF? Do they just get stripped out?

I've started to see the square replacements for emoji more and more in the VB forums that I frequent, as users don't realise it will display incorrectly and automatically use use it on their portable device keyboard.

At least on VB there's a square, so a user can recognise that an emoji was used, even if it isn't displayed correctly.


On XF I've noticed they just disappear, which can completely alter the tone of the post.


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Actually, the square above only appears on chrome on the desktop in VB, it seems to render find in the latest Firefox and Safari. Not tested IE.

It also renders fine in iOS Chrome and Safari, and looks way sharper than a normal smiley


If they were parsed and converted into ascii smileys that could be rendered natively as XF smilies then it should work on all browsers.

Combine that with whatever high DPI magic for images I know you have planned for 2.0 and you're sorted ;) :p

Having some kind of representation for them has to be better than stripping them out completely though.
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Emoji can be compared to a different language. It is very difficult in XenForo to parse a post for the occurance of 2 languages and convert 1 language into another automatically.

But it sounds like it could be an interesting add-on. :)

Converting spanish posts to english, emojis to smileys, french to german... :D


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I'd really like to see this implemented.... I suggested this myself quite a while back in this very forum.


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I really would like this.
Emoji's and mobile devices are always together,
And the number of users using mobile devices are high now, times changes.