Rephrasing XenForo copyright


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Right now the XenForo copyright is describing the software as a "Forum software". That doesn't reflect how some (many?) of us is using it. "Community software" would suite better and would also match XenForo own choices :
  • The title of the main page of your website: "A compelling community experience". One of the reason "XenForo brings a fresh outlook to forum software" is that the interaction with the community has been improved. When you've got a kind of wall system, when you buy some of your official addons, it's far more than a simple forum script
  • The route for your forums: "community"
That would also follow the evolution of the Forum admin to a Community manager.

Another change that will make happy foreign boards: provide official translations for the copyright helper that could be set up in the language options. You want to standardize your copyright ? Ok. But it shouldn't be done at the expense of the translators that support your software, most of for free.