Lack of interest Rename profile page postings tab


Because the tab shows every contenttype and not only postings, it should be renamed to content or something else.


Kier & Mike, what are postings for you? All the users content?
For me a post is only a post and not every content type.

ATM, the "Postings Tab" shows the content of ALL searchable content types!

That's IMHO not OK....
If you name it "postings" then it should show only postings or if you want to show everything, rename the tab.
(for example at the bottom of the page, theres a link with "find all content by ..." so here the user knows that he will find EVERYTHING but in the postings tab it's very confusing...

Since i made the conversation content type searchable, the conversation messages are also shown there, which made the users think that a conv message is a post and some thought that everybody can read there conv. messages. (that's not happening because of perm. check, BUT they think they're able..:( but that's another story)