XF 2.2 Removing/disabling major XF functions?


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I’ve been experimenting with creating a non-forum website using XF.

If I want to completely remove or disable certain core functions, what is the best way to go about it?

Some examples would be removing profile pages and clickable usernames, removing avatars, etc.

I’ve been using template edits and/or custom CSS. But is there a more efficient way of removing profile pages, for example? Can I edit core XF files to do that?
Not with CLI commands, no.

Editing the templates and/or using custom CSS sounds appropriate for what you are trying to do.

Just to get an idea of how in depth I'd need to go... To remove user profiles, for example, would you personally:

-Remove profile links from usernames and avatars and call it good?

-Do that but also change relevant /members templates to redirect to /index so no one can access them through a "backdoor"

-Remove permissions to view profiles and then modify the error template (You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.) to redirect to /index if the error template is being thrown from /members

-Or would you do something else?
Yes, removing links from templates won't stop the pages being loaded directly.

You can use permissions for some things - setting them to no for the unregistered and registered user groups will suffice, assuming no other groups have them set to yes.

If you want to also modify the error response then that's something you can do.
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