Removing all lines starting with.....


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Hi guys and Gals,

Here's one to potentially confuse all but the best SQL Guru.

I have lots of posts taken from a newsgroup feed, where the original post is quoted. Every line that has been quoted starts with ">" or multiple ">" 's

Anyone have any idea how i may be able to either change these lines to a quote, or alternatively remove these completely? Changing to a quotation would be preferable, however i realise possibly more difficult...

Anyone got any clues? :D



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Many thanks - great idea - would take a bit of digging and work, however worth it to tidy things up from an import.
However have checked and cant see the Tools -> Replace in posts option at all in my Beta5 - cant see any evidence of it being removed at all in the release notes either... Strange... ;)


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You need to install it as it's an add-on and not part of the core.

The .zip is in the first post I linked to.