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Gh0stAdventures submitted a new resource:

Remove (validation) tag line - This will remove the visibility and validation of the tag line

Hi Everyone,

I received a few messages regarding the tag line in Xenforo Resource Manager.

In the meanwhile I have tried to create an addon so it would be easier for you guys. But unfortunately some file need to be edited manually.

So here by a tutorial to remove the validation of the tagline, and also an option to remove the tagline view from the resources.


Removing the...

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Chris D

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FWIW this can be done without modifying code too but it would need an add-on that changes the entity structure accordingly.

The recommended approach would be to create a entity_structure code event listener with a hint of XFRM\Entity\ResourceItem pointing to a function defined roughly as follows:

public static function entityStructure(Structure $structure)

I haven't tested that but it looks about right to me :)


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I have implemented it, and works great actually! Only I just don't know how to add an option for enabling and disabling this from the ACP.. Can you help me a little bit with that?

Chris D

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If the add-on's only purpose is to remove the tag line requirement then it probably doesn't need an on/off switch as if someone didn't want that feature they could just remove the add-on or disable it.

If you still require an option and need help with that, posting a new thread in XenForo development discussions is the best course of action.


everything works fine on 2.2.6 !
thank you so much for this help Gh0stAdventures !
I really really appreciate that ;)

Im looking for an way to remove the tagline since a very long time ^^
now.. finally ... its gone <3

Man you are amazing ;)
Thanks !