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Remove Upload Image By URL


Well-known member
On template xengallery_media_add_form find and comment out (or remove) this whole block:

                <dl class="ctrlUnit">
                    <dt>{xen:phrase xengallery_upload_an_image_from_a_url}:</dt>
                    <dd class="inputIconContainer">
                        <input type="text" class="textCtrl AttachmentDownloader iconInput PreventSubmit" id="ctrl_image_url" name="image_url" placeholder="{xen:phrase xengallery_enter_a_url}..." data-href="{xen:link full:xengallery/files/do-download, '', '_params={$imageUploadParams}'}" data-key="images" />
                        <a class="button smallButton toolButton Tooltip DownloadTrigger" title="{xen:phrase xengallery_add}">
                            <i class="fa fa-plus fa-lg"></i>

                        <p class="explain">{xen:phrase xengallery_upload_image_url_explain}</p>