Lack of interest Remove the superadmin User in Default Config


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For reference:

Actually, if you remove the line all together, it will use the default value which makes 1 the super admin (this can be seen in the control panel).

You can use an empty value though.
But wouldn't it make more sense, to change the default config array and remove the userid 1 from the default superadmins array?

Stricly speaking, if it's not in the config.php then IMO nobody should be superadmin.
So it's IMO very confusing.

I'm suggesting this, because i've run several times into this "problem aka strange xenforo behavior" because i've forgotten that user 1 is automatically an superadmin


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Specially because IF YOU DON'T change the config.php => user_id 1 will be super admin
If you change config.php and add

$config['superAdmins'] = array(2);
instead of having 1 and 2 it will be ONLY 2

that's not logical:p


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Your second example is the expected behavior. The config.php is utilized to define and overwrite default configuration variables.

Excluding a definition defaults to what is considered the default (in this case, that superAdmins = [1]). With the line, it is saying I want x to be used in my configuration.