XF 1.5 Remove the link from username and their avatars (message_user_info)


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As i ask on the thread title, how can i disable the link on usernames and their avatars in message_user_info template.
I though i will do it for our guest visitors.

For example, <xen:username user="$user" itemprop="name" rich="true" /> returns with linked username. And <xen:avatar user="$user" size="m" img="true" /> returns with linked avatar.

So i need the code / parameter which returns with salt text instead of them.
I explore the forum before open the thread but i didn't way to do that.
{$user.username} returns not rich usernames and {xen:helper username, $user, 1, 1} returns same with linked rich username. And there are no idea about xen:avatar helper .

Default is for usernames:
            <h3 class="userText">
                <xen:username user="$user" itemprop="name" rich="true" />
                <xen:if hascontent="true"><em class="userTitle" itemprop="title"><xen:contentcheck>{xen:helper userTitle, $user, 1, 1}</xen:contentcheck></em></xen:if>
                {xen:helper userBanner, $user, 'wrapped'}
                <!-- slot: message_user_info_text -->

For avatars;
<xen:hook name="message_user_info_avatar" params="{xen:array 'user={$user}', 'isQuickReply={$isQuickReply}'}">
        <div class="avatarHolder">
            <span class="helper"><span></span></span>
            <xen:avatar user="$user" size="m" img="true" />
            <xen:if is="{$user.isOnline}"><span class="Tooltip onlineMarker" title="{xen:phrase online_now}" data-offsetX="-10" data-offsetY="-8"></span></xen:if>
            <!-- slot: message_user_info_avatar -->

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Checked your site and it appears you got it working?
I changed it the
<xen:username user="$user" itemprop="name" rich="true" />

It returns usernames with regular plain text only, not rich. I guess, usernames may return as rich (mean colored, html) with helpers.
Anyone knows that?
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