XF 1.1 Remove "Show online status"

Digital Doctor

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I found this by using the search function: remove show online status

You can set the default for new users in your:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> User Registrations -> Default Registration Values -> Show online status

You can update the preferences of existing users by running this query on your database:

UPDATE xf_user
SET visible = 1
You can remove the option to change this setting by removing some code from the templates:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> account_privacy

<dl class="ctrlUnit surplusLabel">
<dt><label>{xen:phrase activity_display}:</label></dt>
<li><label for="ctrl_visible"><input type="checkbox" name="visible" value="1" id="ctrl_visible" class="OptOut" autofocus="autofocus" {xen:checked "{$visitor.visible}"} /> {xen:phrase show_your_online_status}</label> <p class="hint">{xen:phrase this_will_allow_other_people_to_see_what_page_you_currently_viewing}</p></li>
Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> account_preferences

<dl class="ctrlUnit">
<dd><ul><li><label><input type="checkbox" name="visible" value="1" {xen:checked $visitor.visible} /> {xen:phrase show_your_online_status}</label> <p class="hint">{xen:phrase this_will_allow_other_people_to_see_what_page_you_currently_viewing}</p></li></ul></dd>
Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> navigation_visitor_tab

<ul class="col1 blockLinksList">
<form action="{xen:link account/toggle-visibility}" method="post" class="AutoValidator visibilityForm">
<label><input type="checkbox" name="visible" value="1" class="SubmitOnChange" {xen:checked $visitor.visible} />
{xen:phrase show_online_status}</label>
<input type="hidden" name="_xfToken" value="{$visitor.csrf_token_page}" />


the addon will:

1. set all users to visible while the installation
2. remove the checkbox from http://xenforo.com/community/account/preferences and the form from the visitor navigation
3. manipulate the input when the user saves his preferences and set the variable for the "visibility" always to true

if you change ONLY the template, some smart user would only need to include the missing checkbox or the variable via a hidden input field and he wouldn't be visible again

Neil E.

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I did this by template modification. I think this is OK done BEFORE a forum goes live. If you have a live forum, the addon is best because it toggles the visibility to "always true". As a newcomer I suggest you install the TMS; it is great for keeping track of changes. As you learn more, you will get sucked into making changes because you'll always find something you want changed. You will wind up using the TMS for most everything, but you still need to create templates for some jobs, and you WILL get deep into styling properties at the very least.

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