Lack of interest Remove "Quote Link" from moderated Posts



My Mods reported me several times an bug which isn't a bug, but it's IMO a strange behaviour.

Posts which are moderated have an reply link, BUT if you click on the link, you're getting to the replyform, without the quoted post.

the quote is missing because of
    public function getQuoteTextForPost(array $post, $maxQuoteDepth = 0)
        if ($post['message_state'] != 'visible')
            // non-visible posts shouldn't be quoted
            return '';

        * Note that if this syntax changes, changes must be applied to
        * XenForo_DataWriter_DiscussionMessage::_alertQuoted()
        * and to
        * XenForo_BbCode_Formatter_Base::renderTagQuote()
        return '[quote="' . $post['username'] . ', post: ' . $post['post_id'] . ', member: ' . $post['user_id'] . '"]'
            . trim(XenForo_Helper_String::stripQuotes($post['message'], $maxQuoteDepth))
            . "[/quote]\n";

My suggestion would be to remove the reply link if a post isn't visible.