XF 1.5 Remove image from custom pages?

Hi guys,

I am using an image to show userbars by using the "User Title Override" function for each usergroup.
I need this as my forum is very reliant on upgrades and userbars. I found a plugin which automatically did this https://xenforo.com/community/threads/user-rank-images.33473/ BUT it's showing EVERY single userbar that each member would have in the postbit.. (Some members have up to 5 and obviously that would be a mess)

My question is - as I'm using the "User title override" function to serve this purpose, it's also showing on the "Member page"

and most importantly "Staff online now"

Any ideas on how I can remove just the userbar image from these two pages? Or another way which will serve my purpose?

I actually just transferred back to Xenforo today from myBB so it's been hectic!

Thanks :)