Duplicate Remove IDs from URLs


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Instead of /thread-name.id, is it possible to just have /thread-name? Right now I'm pretty sure you can have /forum-name with no id, but I'm not entirely positive. That also applies to profile links, which could be /member-name instead of /member-name.id. I'm not sure if technical issues prevent this, but IDs are superfluous and prevent easy typing of URLs.

Pretty please?


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If you have threads with names that get the same name in the URL, you can't properly determine which thread of user to go to. With the nodes, you define the URL without the id, so it's guaranteed to be unique.


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As @King Kovifor say, you need to populate the thread-id in the url because google detect two thread with same url as duplicate content and you can be banned by this.


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It's also a performance issue. Doing lookups based on names alone without an ID would most likely be much more database intensive due to the way indexing works.
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