Remove Gravatar Box


Template: account_avatar_overlay
and delete:
<li class="avatarOption">
<label for="ctrl_useGravatar_1" class="avatarLabel avatar">
<img src="{$gravatarUrl}" class="Gravatar" alt="{xenphrase gravatar}" width="{$maxWidth}" height="{$maxWidth}" id="GravatarImg" />

<input type="radio" name="use_gravatar" value="1" class="Disabler radioOption" id="ctrl_useGravatar_1"{xen:checked '{$visitor.gravatar}'} />

<div class="labelText" id="ctrl_useGravatar_1_Disabler">
<label for="ctrl_useGravatar_1">{xenphrase use_gravatar}</label>

<input type="email" name="gravatar" value="{$visitor.gravatar}" class="textCtrl" id="GravatarEmail" placeholder="{xenphrase gravatar_email_address}" />
<input type="button" class="button" id="Gravatar{xenphrase test}" value="{xenphrase test}"
data-testUrl="{xen:link account/gravatar-test}"
data-testErr="#GravatarError" />

<p class="explain faint">
<label for="ctrl_useGravatar_1"><span id="GravatarError"></span> {xenphrase enter_email_address_of_gravatar_you_want_to_use}</label>
<a class="hint" href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">{xenphrase whats_gravatar}</a>


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Why would you deny people that option? I'm trying to think of a reason to disallow it but I can't.

I forgot I even had a Gravatar until I signed up here. It's handy to have an initial avatar before you figure out how to upload one.
I didn't know gravatar until xenforo introduce it to me / my member didn't whats that for ...
is great to have an option for admin to disallow this


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Gravatar is a nice deal. If you use the same email address to sign up for sites with the same username. Saves time when uploading images, especially if the site doesn't want to allow users to upload images to the server for their avatar.


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I don't care if it's a feature or not, I'm just trying to understand how it could possibly be a negative. "I don't like it," isn't really what I was looking for.


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I have read in the announcment for XF Beta5 that it is possible to disable the feature.
Where in ACP can I disable the stuff ?