XF 2.2 Remove dash after prefix name


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I give my members custom URLs for their marketplace.


I add a prefix

boardname / market /

The title of each users market place is their user name so it looks like this

boardname/market/username in the title of their marketplace and the BoardName / Market / part is the prefix.

All works well except in the tab name at the top of the browser it displays like this...

Prefix - Userame

So in total the tab shows:

boardname / market / - username

It's that dash I would like to remove

So basically the - (dash) that is found in the tab name after each prefix.

Is there a way to remove that dash?
OK, like always I look at the code and I figure it out myself...

template: thread_view

<xf:title page="{$page}">{{ prefix('thread', $thread, 'escaped') }}{$thread.title}</xf:title>

I changed it to this...

<xf:title page="{$page}">{{ prefix('thread', $thread, 'escaped', ' / ') }}{$thread.title}</xf:title>
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