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Lack of interest remove click-able title and icons / add "text field"


Well-known member

- remove click-able "title" and "icons"
- add "text field" with limited number of characters (e.g.: max. 240 char)

- a user usually clicks onto the photo, not clicking onto the title
- photo-titles sometimes look ugly, like e.g.: "IMG_0949"
- more clean interface
- photo-description for text SEO
- data (icons, date, etc.) can be better displayed at the "detail photo page"





Well-known member
The title and icons can already be removed in Style Properties.

If displaying description is added, it should be an option. On my site members tend to use more meaningful titles (and I don't allow auto titles for photos, thus avoiding "IMG_0949"). They also often don't add a description so I'd not want this on my site as I would have lots of blank description boxes on the media page.