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Remove account upgrade 1.0.0

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Remove account upgrade (version 1.0.0) - account upgrade

XenForo does not allow users to cancel their own account upgrades. Account upgrades are canceled ether when they expire or when administrator cancels it.

Some forums might want to allow users to cancel their own account upgrades. For example, if there are several account upgrades that do the same (such as monthly subscription and annual subscription) and there is a temporary discount available for annual subscription, users might want to cancel their current subscription to take advantage of...
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if it's a month recurring paypal charge & they cancel the sub using this, does it cancel the paypal charge as well? thanks


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No, it doesn't. XF doesn't handle PayPal subscriptions, user must cancel it himself.

That's why subscriptions with recurring payments have 2 buttons instead of one: "Cancel Subscription" (redirects to paypal) and "Remove Account Upgrade". Also when clicking button to remove account upgrade for recurring subscription, add-on reminds user to cancel paypal subscription.


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Does this still work with XF 1.5? Button and unavailable suscriptions aren't shown but I checked "Can unsubscribe".
Probably not. Haven't used this add-on for few years and nobody else asked about it, so it hasn't been maintained. I'll mark it as unmaintained.