Relocating User Alerts, details, Inbox, logout in navbar?


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I wish to relocate the options above in the title. I'm not decided on exactly where yet but i was wondering if someone could give me a brief explanation on the matter. Such as which templates i'd need to edit and how. It does not have to be a huge explanation. I was also considering giving its own navbar with the exact function that the current navbar shows when you are on the tab that is selected.

Thank you so much for reading, and possibly answering in advance,


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Edit the navigation_visitor_tab template.
Thank you in pointing me in the right direction. I've moved the user options, inbox, alerts, etc but i have an irritating issue. The menu columns secondary content is "content" on following the navigation user tab wherever i relocate it.

Is there a way to separate the two?

EDIT: It only separates on the profile page, or a users inbox. Not anywhere else.