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@rellek could you maybe share with us what features will you include in your add-on? And I also would like to know when it will be ready, any ETA?


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In the admin panel, you can set up some ratings, meta variables and content types.

- Ratings
Here you can set how to rate something. For example video games. You have a custom scale from 0 to X where you can set the X. So if you want 10 as your highest possible value, you can go with 10 and if you want 100, then go 100. You can select after which criteria something should be rated. For a video game, this could be graphics, sound, gameplay, content and multiplayer. You can weight any of this criteria as you want. So that means if you find gameplay is way more important than sound, you would give gameplay a higher priority than sound. This will calculate the overall rating then. And there will be display types. So you can select how to display this stuff. You can have stars, points (max. 5, 10 or like scale) or per cent. The add-on will convert the values so they fit display type (for example: you have a maximum scale of 100 and want to display the results as stars of 5, this will work)
You can assign one rating type to one content type.

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- Meta Variables
A meta variable defines the thing you want to review. That means, for a video game you would create meta variables for developer, publisher, genres, ESRB/PEGI/USK and release date. There are several types like a hidden box, radio button, checkboxes, select box, text, textarea and url. For those types that need some values, you have to enter the values. This would be radio, checkboxes and select boxes in this case.

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- Content Type
A content type specifies WHAT you want to review. So you would create a video game, a movie and so on.
Here you can assign any meta variable to your content type. It's either not used at all, or it's available, or it's available and the user must use it. You can furthermore select where this meta variable would appear in the template (sidebar, above content, below content or hidden); while hidden makes you call it on your own. You can specify a custom template which would be used instead of the default template. This is useful if you have several content types that need different appearances.

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- Overall
This means that there is like no need for modules like it was in GARS. You can select your content types on your own.

- Forum Edit
Editing a forum lets you select which content types are available to this forum. The add-on will use all the applicable permissions XenForo already brings, so "can start new thread" would be "can review stuff" and "can reply to threads" would be "can comment reviews" for those forums. From what I heard this is pretty much how GARS works.

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- Todo
Well and things listed above a pretty much done. What has to be done is to get this stuff to the front end, so a user can actually post reviews.

There is no ETA. Sadly, I have a very full todo list and I'm forced to move in near future (must be done by Dec 1), so I would not promise anything. However, I hope this to be ready for release by the end of the year. Fingers crossed, right?


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@rellek sounds good. I personally have a gaming site, where we (staff members) post reviews. Users are not allowed to post reviews. But I still want to give them an option to rate the reviewed game. Allow them to write a short description, give the game 1 to 5 stars ( 1 to 10, ...). For each game you will see site and members rating too. Same way as MetaCritic has two ratings (sites and members rating) for each game. In each users profile then it will possible to find in a separate tab all his/her ratings.

I am really looking forward to this add-on. If you will need a beta tester, ideas or anything, don't hesitate to contact me.


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Yeah, user rating is planned for the first release too. So in your forum, you would allow team members to post new threads, but forbid it to users. Users can reply, though. And rate of course. So you could use the comments (aka replies) as their short description, maybe.
Let's see where this goes in the future...