XF 1.2 Related Class Name

It would be nice, in the style properties if there is related class name specified to modify the theme. Or it is tough to search. Sometimes i use the page inspector to find the css class name of an element and modify the css in the style.



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Style Properties are not intrinsically tied to a class themselves. For the most part, they are, however, its not always the case.

If you need to know the class name, hovering over the title should reveal the property name. You can than do a template search to find the template(s) that use it and can edit the associated classes.
Thanks a lot, now i found the class name by just hovering over the style, it is mentioned in the popup baloon.

However, i am struggling to find the class located in the css file

the class name is accountUsername, i need to set to the font color after hover

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I just performed the search myself and its found in two templates:

navigation.css and navigation_visitor_tab.