XF 1.2 Reinstall,...how do i

Not sure where to post this but cant seem to find a answer
I currently have a install funning 1.2 (was a lower version and migrated from vb)
We have recently tried to get the facebook login working and it simply wont work,it goes through the process but then says not associated even though it shows a name..
when trying the facebook test it hangs up ,doesnt give a error at all..

What i want to do is reinstall the whole board but obviously using the existing db

any idea how i could do this
thanks in advance


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You cannot "install" the board using the existing Database. Is your Facebook application not in sandbox mode?
no it isn't in sandbox more...ive been tearing my hair out trying to work out why it wont associate seems to do it but doesn't it that makes any sense


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Reinstalling won't fix that.

Open a browser console window and check for any errors which may be thrown during the process.


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Difficult to say without seeing the trace.
Can you screenshot it or paste the contents here in code tags?