XF 2.2 Registration Confirmation Email Works For Me But Not For Others

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I have tested registering through my computer using incognito mode and then tested it on my phone with a different account.

It sends the confirmation email to me in both instances, (one is a gmail and the other is a domain email.)

However there's about 13 other members who have tried and they're all saying they do not get a confirmation email.

I'm using the defaults for email.

What do you recommend?


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If you have a CPANEL type setup, check the "Email Deliverability" section, to make sure you have correctly set up outgoing email security at the server level. (DKIM, SPF, Reverse DNS (PTR), etc)

Many providers will classify incoming emails as spam, if these have not been properly set up to identify you as a safe/verified sender.

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It's fixed now, emails are going out.

I had a gmail account as the board admin and sender account.

Once I switched it to an email that matched the domain the forum is installed on it worked perfectly.

Stupid mistake on my part. All good now.