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I have received complaints, in fact a lot of members who have tried to register with TOR. They have to do it over and over and over again all the time with reCAPTCHA. I tested myself to see, that's right. I did over and over again maybe 10 times and in the end I stopped trying to register with TOR. I think it is very important that it should be possible to register with TOR as we are moving towards a much harsher climate when it comes to freedom of expression and members want to be anonymous. Do you have any tips on how to solve it?
The problem isn't XenForo, it is more the TOR browser and his blocking philosophy ;)

But for me there is no problem to register here at xf.com with an TOR browser.
I think you would have to disabe reCaptcha to ensure Tor users can register without issue.

I don't use a captcha as a rule, I tend to find Q&A captcha works better for me.
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