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XF 1.4 register user

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by florencia, May 13, 2015.

  1. florencia

    florencia Active Member

    I would like to add new users and have the system e-mail them login information ans password creation. is that possible?
  2. rafass

    rafass Well-Known Member

    You can create new users in ACP --> Users -->
    R 2015-05-13 at 15.24.01.jpg
  3. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    You would have to email or contact them manually.
  4. florencia

    florencia Active Member

    mmm that is exactly why I was asking if there is a way for the system to send an e-mail with their login information asking users to reset create their password.

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