XF 2.2 Register and pay


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I'd like to be able to make users register on my forum and pay the annual fee so if someone don't pay it cannot register at all.

I don't want to have anyone register just to upgrade later. This to avoid al spammer and to have only users willing to participate on the forum life.

Any idea on how can I do that?


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I will suggest is as a new feature because I think that this is a must have feature. If the admin want, the registration is free, otherwise is as the admin want. Quite strange that's not in the core...


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In this day and age, nobody will have the money to pay to belong to a forum. So good luck in that adventure. About the only thing you can do is have user upgrades to for them to belong to premium section of your forum.


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Your opinion I think. It's almost 4 year that I've only paying members on my forum and they're adding up year after year. That's why I'm searching for a more easy way to do that. It depends on your content and services...


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How to do it:
  1. Change permissions for Registered Members so they can't see content
  2. Add a secondary group called for eample "Full Members" which can see content and post new content (the default).
  3. Allow new members to register
  4. When they purchase an upgrade, they are given Full Member permissions by checking the Full Members secondary group.
Drawbacks and warnings:
  • If guests or Registered Members can't read any contact, neither can search engine spiders.
  • That's not necessarily a game killer if the forum is already well known, but since your forum isn't index new members will find it difficult to find your forum.
A partial workaround for the indexing problem:
  1. Create an Introduction to the forum section at the top of the forums list.
  2. Post some content explaining what this forum is all about with your main keywords and search terms.
  3. This will create some content for googlebot to crawl and scan.


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Thanks! In part this is yet done. Guest can only see the title threads but not the content and registered the same. I've a group (registered+) that is the paying group.
I'm not interested in SEO or Google indexing since the forum is private and I've a site for that.
The only draw back will be the people registering hoping to see something and surely I'll have to remove them manually...