Regex task [Paid]


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I have two regex tasks that I need help to complete. The majority of the expression has been written, and to my knowledge, would only require a small change to make it capture only what I require.

My example is here:, and as you will see, the capture group begins with the opening of a quote tag. It then captures the username, in two different cases: first, where the username is appended to an "author" tag, and secondly, where the username appears on its own. Both of these things work well, and the username is captured correctly in each case. However, I do not require the other information in the test string. For example, I do not require: "link=1142890417/0#43 date=1156429613]".

Perhaps it would work best if I used multiple expressions, instead of one.

Please contact me to agree upon payment for this task, and if you need further details, please let me know.
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