XF 1.4 Regarding https://

I just have added Secure Certificate to my website and so have a couple issues:
1.All likes are gone (Facebook),same with Google+,Twitter....
2.I have some people advertising with me using a script from https://affiliates.clickinc.com.This one stopped showing up at all.
Their code I have added looking this way:
<script src="http://impression.clickinc.com/impr...sion&&affId=183109&&img=ipphone-728x90-01.gif" ></script>
If I add s at here
<script src="https://impression.clickinc.com/impressions/servlet/Impression?merchant=70152&&type=impression&&affId=183109&&img=ipphone-728x90-01.gif" ></script>
Ads showing,but my website certificate in web brovser become with unsecure elements.
Please help


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HTTP and HTTPS are different domains, which is why the share service counts have been reset.

You will need to use HTTPS compatible advertisers.
Simply changing the URL won't suffice.