XF 2.1 reference the Image used from your forum, in other external sites.


Hi guise,
is there a way to do this? We write articles inside xenforo and use Xenporta2 for home page.
Sometime other external sites or forum, use our images link and article for sharing purpose.
I just thinking about a phrase on the image linked that say: this image is from MYFORUM, come to visit us. thanks.

Of course, if they download the image on their local pc and then reupload on their servers, we can't do nothing.
But if they use an URL link to image insiede my forum?


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You can use .htaccess to prevent hotlinking and display an alternative image instead (one hosted off site).


mmm thanks.
I know what is it and where it is, but I don't know how it function. is there a guide to do this? a specific rule to insert just for prevent hotlink?
Or... Have I to insert ALL the images link each time i upload a new image?