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Lack of interest Refactor Search Data Handlers


Well-known member
The Handlers need to be more flexible and allow addons to manipulate the metadata.
E.g. i've replaced the _insert methods in the handlers with

protected function _insertIntoIndex(XenForo_Search_Indexer $indexer, array $data, array $parentData = null)
     $threadModel = $this->_getThreadModel();

     if ($threadModel->isRedirect($data) || !$threadModel->isVisible($data))

     $metadata = $this->getMetaDataArray($data, $parentData);

       'thread', $data['thread_id'],
       $data['title'], '',
       $data['post_date'], $data['user_id'], $data['thread_id'], $metadata

protected function getMetaDataArray(array $data, array $parentData){

this way i can use the proxy system to extend the handler and add own metadata with several other addons, without any overhead


Well-known member
I'ld definitely agree that the Search Data Handlers could do with some restructuring.

It is also somewhat limiting about the lack of OR constraints.