Add-on Reef stats


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Im building a dutch marine life aquarium forum. For tht forum im looking for someone who can make this add on.(based on myreefstats)
Its an add on thats keep track of the waterstats of the tanks from users.
They can fill the watervalues (elements) in per date, and that is in the database

editstand pic 2.jpg

After filling in, if the values are correct the colour is green wrong is red, and they get this
They can set parameters from what to show and hide
and automatically put that in the signature (choice of user) Something like this


And at last the stats should be presented in a timeline or graph, were they can see the values over a x time.

The whole thing should be at the profile page of the user.
The program is already on the internet, but its a website. I am trying to get this inside the forum.
Hopefully there's someone who can make this working. Willing to pay, if not to expensive ;)


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I uploaded some specs. The tabs i ment are in the members view. The things in the specs must been entered in the Personal details, settings. and then a new line with waterwaardes. (Thinking is still in the vB mode :) )