Redirects? Switching from vB to xF and changing domain


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We've been running vB for years on a .org domain. When we switch to xF, we're thinking about switching to the .com instead (since we've managed to acquire it). Is it possible to do redirects for this? That is, all URLs from the old vB forum on the .org forward to the corresponding new URLs on the xF forum on the .com.


Enjoy XenForo, welcome, and read the sticky thread for the answer.


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Yes. I migrated to XF from vB and changed domain at the same time.

The exact set up depends on how your own set up is.

For mine I set up a redirect on the old site to point the urls to a cloned copy of the vB forum on my new domain (stuck into a sub folder). From there, the Xenforo scripts pick up the request for the vB page and redirect it to the new destination in Xenforo on the same server.

It all sounds complicated but it is definitely possible as my own site will confirm.


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Thanks for the welcome, Floris! The info in the sticky thread doesn't seem to address changing domains, just installing xF in a different folder -- I will have to go over it again and see if I can find the info I need.

Thanks, Ingenious! It's good to know this has been done successfully.

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Ingenious is correct. It's all very doable, but it depends on your server setup. If the two domains are pointing to the same server then you just put these scripts into the old directory:

Then edit the 301config.php file to specify the full path to the new directory (which is on the other domain).

If the domains are on different servers then you can do what Ingenious said which is to setup one redirect to change domains, and another to redirect the URLs.

I can help you with this if you have trouble.

Brent W

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Glad you asked this. Will be doing this tomorrow with phpBB to xenForo. Good to know it can be done relatively easy.


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Thank you so much, Jake! I will post if I have trouble. Though I am not quite at this point yet -- I'll still be a while fiddling with my test forum.