Redirection Scripts for vBulletin 3.x


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On the assumption that 1.1 is imminent, I'm now having to think about the process of migrating my vB forum.

I've looked up how to do the vBSEO -> Non vBSEO redirects, so the XenForo scripts can then work.

However part of the upgrade is a move to a new URL. So I also want to do:

urlA/forum/vbulletinthread -> urlB/newXenForoThread

In the Redirection Scripts for vBulletin 3.x thread (which I can't post in) someone asked the same question about moving domains or server but it was not answered.

So, is this possible please, and how?

Off the top of my head I'm guessing when I have imported the vB forum into XenForo at the new location (effectively by copying my vB forum to the new location to do an import into XF), I will then need to point the XenForo redirection scripts at the old location to the new XF database so it can look up the new post IDs? But how then would it redirect to a new URL because the instructions say it needs a file path to the new forum location?


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Thanks Brogan, I did read that but as per my OP it refers to a file path and not a URL. I cannot use a file path because the forum has moved to a new server. Everything I've read so far is assuming the migration is to the same folder, or a different folder, but under the same URL.


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Presumably though the domain is the same for your moved vB forum?

In which case, the URLs will be the same?


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No. New URL. I am changing server AND domain name.

I would only "move" the VB forum to enable it to be imported on the new server and new domain (not strictly speaking moving it, rather I would be cloning it just for the import). I'd rather not move the VB forum at all, but I'll have to, so it can import the attachments etc.

I guess it would be possible to do the domain name redirect at the point of redirecting the vBSEO urls in .htaccess on the old server because that allows you to use a full URL address as the destination. This would then redirect to a folder on the new URL which is set up just for the XenForo redirect scripts to sit in.

It just doesn't seem very elegant which is why I am asking if the XF redirects can handle a change in URL/Domain and not just a change of folder. As per my OP this was asked in the redirect thread and not answered :)