XF 1.2 Redirecting


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I am in the process of porting vb forum to xenforo. it will be same url just v2.myurl.com.

whats the best way to do it. my last forum I edited forum.php and login.php files in vbulletin to redirect to the new url. but all other .php address are available to anyone who knows them. As that site as private and nothing was viewable by anyone not logged in it didn't really matter too much

How can i redirect everything on http//myurl.com to http//v2.myurl.com

Jake Bunce

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I need specific examples of old and new URLs from vB and XF. Then I can be certain about your redirects and provide you with exact instructions.

Or if your import is still in process then just come to me when you are done. Redirects are the very last thing you do in an import.