Redirect entire forum while creating/having new content.


I did go through the other threads covering url redirection but I'm a little confused so I need some help.

I have a xenforo install on root at I want to basically use the main domain for another site and put the forum either on a subdomain or an entirely new url.

The forum has been up for awhile so google has indexed everything neatly and I don't want to screw that up. So how would I go about redirecting only the xenforo content and not the new content I want to put on the site? Or is it not possible?

I take it can be done because any xenforo url is on a /forum /thread and the new site I want to run on the route is a wordpress base thus there will not be any conflicting urls.

Would it work if I just used cpanel and setup a 301 redirect so that gets redirected to ?
rinse repeat for /threads and so on?

But then I wonder what about the index page?

Any help would be much appreciated.