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Redefine XenForo animation functions

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by CyberAP, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

    I was trying to change XenForo animation behaviour but got myself stuck at that high abstraction level. In xenforo.js we have jQuery.fn.extend function and within it also all our animating functions:
    • xfFadeDown
    • xfFadeUp
    • xfInsert
    • xfRemove
    • _xfSlideWrapper
    • xfSlideIn
    • xfSlideOut
    And also two effects:
    • slideDownContentFade
    • slideDown
    So how should I call them in case I want to overwrite their behaviour?
  2. CyberAP

    CyberAP Well-Known Member

    Figured this out. I just have to overwrite functions using exactly the same code.
    So it'll look like this:
    !function($, window, document, _undefined)
            xfSlideOut: function(duration, easing, callback)
    }(jQuery, this, document);

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