Reddit is now beta testing video upload


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Another big community site getting on the video upload train, making the entire process of sharing video much more seamless. There's a few subreddits in the list below you can test it out on.

Hi mods! I’m /u/emoney04 , a Product Manager at Reddit.

Reddit has been working for some time on offering Redditors the ability to upload video and gifs directly to Reddit if they'd like, skipping the need to rely on third parties.

Starting today, we are testing video and gif hosting in select communities, and would like to invite more communities to participate in the beta!

With this feature, users will be able to:
  • Upload videos (MP4 or MOV, up to 15 minutes long) directly to Reddit
  • Convert uploaded videos to gifs (up to 1 minute long). Directly uploaded gifs with the .gif extension will still be supported as before
  • Trim uploaded videos within the mobile apps
  • Read comments while watching Reddit-hosted videos
How do I become part of the beta?
Please leave a comment with your community’s name in response to the stickied comment at the top of the thread below. As the beta period progresses, we will send you a message before releasing the feature to your community.

Some details:

  • Your community must allow link posts and be safe for work
  • Videos / gifs are hosted on - please update your automod configs
  • There is a new “Enable Video Uploads” subreddit setting that will enable this feature (only for subreddits in the beta)
Special thanks to the below communities for helping us beta test this new feature: