Redactor Editor Icons [Deleted]


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Shelley, this is the #1 request we get on our site since we wish to use dark editor backgrounds...

Is it possible to get the dark buttons (such as bold, italic, etc.) in whitened versions as a short-term option before they are eventually replaced?


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Trying to make 5 non-spammy posts on her site right now just so I can download it.
I took 2 years to make 10 non-spammy posts. :cry:
Your really going to start complaining when I move all stuff to my site. :LOL: Personally I'd prefer to keep the site exclusive and keep to a select few people that want to be there but i was asked countless times to enable registration (thinking now that may be a mistake)

The add-on I'm using applies the restriction globally. I've asked for it to be made per forum, practically begged for it to be developed but to no avail so there's not much I can do about that.
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Indeed, the colors are very nice. I won't be downloading this just yet as I'm waiting for my Style to be finished before I install any Add-ons or make any updates but once it's done, this is going to be one of the first mods I install!


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I cant get it to path to the image is: /public_html/styles/editor/icons.png - i put this in Style Properties >> Rich Text Editor >> Editor Toolbar Button: @imagePath/xenforo/styles/editor/icons.png?redactor

So, what is wrong?? :(

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Same here Shelley, I registered with the same username but there was no confirmation email sent to my junk or regular inboxes.