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Unmaintained Red Dawn 1.0

A light theme by Nasrif!

  1. Crimson

    Crimson Member

    Crimson submitted a new resource:

    Red Dawn - A light theme by Nasrif!

    Read more about this resource...
    Last edited: May 7, 2014
  2. SanMan

    SanMan Member

    Looks really nice, Dino keep up the good work bud!! ;)
    Crimson likes this.
  3. Crimson

    Crimson Member

    Thank you. :)
  4. Jahsun

    Jahsun Member

    Your style looks really nice but only style-Red-Dawn.xml was in the download
  5. Crimson

    Crimson Member

    That's all you need. :)

    I'm making changes to the style and its almost done so I'll add the updated one soon.
  6. Jahsun

    Jahsun Member

    Oh I see, will try it out now. Thank you
  7. CampingCoder

    CampingCoder New Member

    How do I change the logo? :)

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