Recreate deleted user account


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I've accidentally deleted a user account and tried to re-create it but am having problems.

I created an entry in xf_user under the original user ID number and created the respective entries in the other related tables.

I can search for and find the account in the ACP but when I try to edit and save it I get the following errors:
  • The requested user could not be found
  • User Name:
    usernames must be unique. The specified username is already in use.

Could anyone advise on how I can get the user account working again please?



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Is it possible that your cache still has the user data stored, thus not letting you save it?

Have you tried re-building the caches?


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Unfortunately, no luck - still the same error when I try to save.

Any other ideas or should I put a ticket in?

Shaun :D

Jon W

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You'd be better off to put the member back using all of the proper datawriters. I'll write you an add-on...

Are you able to undo the changes you made?