XF 1.5 Recovery help after faulty hardware crash :(

Hi all,

We had some faulty controller hardware in our dedicated server, the RAID crashed with a major failure and our datacentre ended up replacing the whole server. We thought we had a complete backup of all the forums (we have several) but it turns out we only have a system backup of the MySQL database. We have the compressed _var_lib_mysql_.tar.gz file, which unzips into multiple subdirectories of .opt, .frm, .ibd .myd and .myi files (one for each forum).

The only complete backup of the server we have is several months old. We've restored that and it's up and running, but obviously the data is very out of date. Is there anyway of restoring the above system backup of MySQL to the forums?

Any advice would be very gratefully received. This is something we would be willing to pay for hands-on assistance with if someone can do it.

Thanks a lot.


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